Daliwonga Ft DJ Gazza Ft. Ciza Ft Tony Duardo – Superstar

South African musicians and DJ Gazza unleash “Superstar,” a song featuring their associates Ciza and Tony Duardo. It’s a meeting of champs.

The four artistes on this song aren’t serial collaborators. In fact, we can’t point to all of them being on the same song previously. But this reality in no way steals the merits of the song they have just released.

“Superstar” is a highly relatable and memorable number that will appeal not just to music lovers out there but artistes themselves -especially those who are still on the way and are yet to savor the honey of international recognition.

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“Superstar” was the title of a couple of songs released last. If a critical vetting is to be made of all of them, then the song in review should have no trouble snapping a spot among the memorable.

You heard that right. It might be a jam from musicians who don’t have a long collaborative history, but they aced the number.  And, thanks to the appeal of the song, it’s very tempting to want to look out for another collaborative drop from them.

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Well, until that happens, you’re better off vibing to what’s currently playing. It’s worth the playtime.

Download; Daliwonga & DJ Gazza – Superstar Ft. Ciza & Tony Duardo

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