Full Biography Of Arthur Fraser: Net worth,Age,Personal life

Arthur Fraser (born in Cape Flats) is has been making headlines for many reasons, mostly bad. He has appeared in articles on several occasions as a fraudulent and corrupt man.

Maybe, he is a personality whose loyalty lies to the presidency. He is known to play notable roles in protecting Jacob Zuma.


Full Biography Of Arthur Fraser: Net worth,Age,Personal life
Arthur Fraser’s threatened to spill state secrets, a desperate move by a desperate man. Image: Democratic Alliance.
Name Arthur Fraser
Born Cape Flats
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Wife Natasha Fraser
Son Lyle
Family Barry Fraser (brother), Graham Egel (brother-in-law), Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi (sister)
Education Video and film production
Alma mater University of London


He was welcomed into a typical family of eight in Cape Flat and was named Arthur Fraser.

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He has five siblings some in the limelight. Arthur’s father was a teacher while his mother also was a working-class – a factory worker.


Arthur is learned and studied at least to the undergraduate level. He holds a degree in video and film production (honours). Arthur obtained the degree from the University of London.


He is known to lead a private life and joined the underground structures of the ANC. While he was at NIA, Arthur was at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an investigator.

He boasts of holding several operational capacities in the intelligence sector. His performance earned him a position at the national intelligence, Western Cape, where he served as the head.

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Later, Fraser got transferred to the immigration branch of the Department of Home Affairs. At the national immigration branch, he occupied the position of director-general.

After a year and six months of service, he became the deputy director-general at the NIA.

Personal life

He is a proud father and husband. Arthur is married to Natasha Fraser and is the father of Lyle. Among his siblings are his brother, Barry Fraser, and his in-law Graham Egel.

Graham is married to one of his sisters and served as the head of internal intelligence and operations.

His family has produced notable personalities in the country including his sister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi. She served as a cabinet minister.

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