Grand P biography: age, girlfriend, net worth 2021, background

Grand P (born Moussa Sandiana Kaba) is a Guinean politician, actor, and musician. He has gained popularity on social media for his looks and the woman he dated.

The CAN 2019 competition also brought him to the spotlight on the international scene.


Grand P biography: age, girlfriend, net worth 2021, background
Grand P is a musician from Guinea who allegedly has progeria which led him to get a small stature. Image.


Grand P biography: age, girlfriend, net worth 2021, background
People call him a billionaire and some sites have estimated his net worth to be $10 million. 

Though he has gained popularity with the name Grand P, he was born Moussa Sandiana Kaba in October. He was born with a “rare genetic disease” – progeria, which makes him begin to age at birth. That’s why he appears older than his age.


He is a popular figure in the Guinean music circle and is making waves in his country. Though health challenges tried to come between him and his career, he came out stronger.

He pressed forward and in 2019 came his musical breakthrough. He walked into the spotlight for holding a performance in a show by Kerfalla Kanté at the People’s Palace in Conakry.

Grand P’s performance took the internet by storm with people viewing and sharing his music. He began to gain ground in other countries like Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, and many more.

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Then he was seen around other popular names in his country and beyond.

Among the celebrities, he hung around with was popular footballer Paul Pogba. Late DJ Arafat was also a big name he hung around with.

Pushing his music career forward, he dropped a four-track EP – The Love in 2019.

The billionaire was among the delegation representing and supporting Guinea for the African Cup of Nations which took place in Cairo.

In October 2020, he dropped a song Independence in remembrance of the day Guinea gained independence. Still, in 2020, he made his intentions to contest for the Presidential elections known.

In a move towards his presidential ambition, he further announced that he would form a political party – Amour Consideration et Unite.


Grand P biography: age, girlfriend, net worth 2021, background
Grand P’s Ivory Coast girlfriend Eudoxie Yao first announced him as her man in October 2019. They met in Guinea at a concert Grand P held.

Grand P was in a relationship with Ivorian celeb Eudoxie Yao. Their relationship drew a lot of public attention as pictures of them claimed many spaces on the front page.

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She revealed that Moussa Sandiana was her man in October 2019. They met at a concert Grand P was holding and they fell in love eventually.

According to Eudoxie, Grand P proposed to her, she made this known in a post on social media. Though Grand P and his plus-sized model’s relationship have called their relationship a quit.

Though to date, the reason for their separation is known to them alone. Recently, pictures of them having a moment are still updated on his Instagram page. Are they still together?

Net worth

Grand P has been addressed as a billionaire. He was born into a rich family and is pushing for a successful music career.

According to Rosbena, Grand P has an estimated net worth of around $10 million which converts to FG 98 billion.


Like other artists, Grand P is active on social media where he engages followers with his content. He shares his music career, love life, lifestyle, travels, and more.

  • Instagram: @grand_p_ambassadeur
  • Twitter: @AmbassadeGrandP
  • Facebook: Grand P

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