Juanita Vanoy Biography: Net Worth, Remarried Husband, Age, Wikipedia, Today, Parents, Height, House, Instagram



Juanita Vanoy is the profession name of the renowned American Juanita Jordan.

Juanita Vanoy Jordan is a former American model who was born on June 13, 1959.

Michael Jordan, a member of the National Basketball Association’s Hall of Fame, was her husband.

American model

Juanita Vanoy
Juanita Vanoy Biography: Net Worth, Remarried Husband, Age, Wikipedia, Today, Parents, Height, House, Instagram
Juanita Vanoy: History, Bio, Photo
Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Juanita Vanoy Jordan
Stage Name: Juanita Vanoy
Born: June 13, 1959 (age 62 years old)
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Grandchild: Rakeem Michael Christmas
Nationality: American
Parents: John Vanoy, Dorothy Vanoy
Children: Jasmine M. Jordan, Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Marcus Jordan
Height: 1.65 m
Siblings: N/A
Husband • Spouse: Michael Jordan (m. 1989–2006)
Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
Occupation: Model • TV Personality
Net Worth: US$200 million

Early Life

Juanita Vanoy was born in Illinois. She has an American father and a Cuban mother.

She was born on the 13th of June, 1959 to father, John Vanoy and and mother, Dorothy Vanoy.

It’s been tough to learn more about her parents or her life before meeting Michael up until now.


Though the school wasn’t mentioned, Juanita Vanoy was a hardworking, classy, and brilliant young lady who rose through the ranks of her institution as one of the best students.

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Juanita Vanoy‘s early years were marked by her love for appearing in front of the camera. As a result, she took part in numerous photoshoots and modeling jobs after graduating from high school.

She worked as a loan officer at a bank before people noticed her as Michael Jordan‘s girlfriend. During her adolescent years, the young lady also dabbled in modeling.

Juanita Vanoy later worked as an executive secretary and model for the American Bar Association. Then, Michael Jordan became her boyfriend, which catapulted her into the limelight.

Personal Life

Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan (her ex-husband) met when she was 25 years old. They met in a café in 1984. They began courting soon after their second meeting. The couple’s love became stronger as they got to know each other better.

In 1987, the basketball player proposed to his sweetheart at Nick Fish Market on New Year’s Eve. Later, the engagement was canceled. Juanita Vanoy was pregnant with Michael Jordan at the time, and the couple decided to save their relationship.

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Juanita Vanoy Jordan gave birth to her first son, Jeffrey Michael Jordan, on November 18, 1988. Michael and Vanoy married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas a year later, in 1989.

Marcus Jordan, born on December 24, 1990, and Jasmine Jordan, born on December 7, 1992, were the Jordans’ third and fourth children.

The couple worked together to raise their children and operate their business. In 2002, however, their marriage encountered a snag, and Juanita Vanoy filed for divorce from Michael Jordan, citing irreconcilable flaws in the relationship.

Nonetheless, she quickly patched things up with her children’s father and dropped her divorce case. Unfortunately, the mother of three filed for divorce a second time, so the reconciliation was short-lived. Finally, on December 29, 2006, this divorce was peacefully completed.

Juanita Vanoy hasn’t remarried since she ended her marriage with he ex-husband, no news of new husband.

Net Worth

Juanita Vanoy;’s current net worth is US$200 million. Her net worth soared after she earned US$168 million from her ex-husband in a divorce settlemen.

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