Ntosh Gazi Ft DJ Shampli ft. 20ty Soundz Ft Dokotela Mkhenza Ft King Monopoly Ft Travis BW

This is the first time ever that we’ve had all of them on the same number. That’s not a complaint, though, as they did pretty well as a team.

The first impression, pre-listen, was that the list could have been leaner. Oh yeah, we’re not particularly big fans of many artists on one song. But “Stoko” appears to be a departure from the norm.

The song manages to say a lot in a short time and to bring disparate energies into one powerful and energizing whole that is hard to ignore.

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And it doesn’t matter whether you’re into house or electronic or even rap. If you’re only interested in having a wonderful music experience, you’ll get just that with this song.

One of the lead singers, Ntosh Gazi, had become famous for his collaborative “John Vuli Gate” song with his pals. The charms of that song may have subsided over time, but it’s clear that Ntosh has not lost his charms of old. The songster flowed so beautifully on “Stoko” with his friends that it’s easy to nod to whatever else he might drop with them.


Download Ntosh Gazi & DJ Shampli – Stoko ft. 20ty Soundz, Dokotela Mkhenza, King Monopoly & Travis BW

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