Sello Samuel Mokua biography, age, profile, education, background

Sello Samuel Mokua (born in 1955) is a South African teacher and author of many books. He has written many books that are loved by readers in the country.

His writing credits include Ke molato wa ga mang?, the first edition was published in 2011 in Tswana.

Readers of the book will find pleasure in it, Sello did exceptional work. He used Setswana and a few languages are spoken in Zimbabwe.

His book Ke Molato wa ga mang won 1st position for the literary competition from Maskew and Longman.


Sello Samuel Mokua biography, age, profile, education, background
Veteran teacher Sello Samuel Mokua has twenty-two works in thirty-three publications. (image source)
Name Sello Samuel Mokua
Born 1955 (age 66 years)
Naturena, South Africa
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Alma mater Soweto College of Education
Occupation Author, teacher
Works 22 works in 33 publications


Sello Mokua was born in 1955 and is from Naturena, South Africa. According to him, he worked as a mine laborer at Bafokeng North Mine. His work was to load rocks, which were heavy, into the mine trains.

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While working underground, he received a call to be a temporary teacher in the seventies and eighties. Though he hailed from a humble background, he did not allow it determined his fate.

He has continued to move forward and has written several books in his indigenous language.


He is a qualified teacher but obtaining the certification came with a long struggle. He refused to give up rather he pressed forward.

Sello underwent teacher’s training at Soweto College of Education. To further build a stronger academic background, he furthered his studies at SACTE.


He has experience in unskilled labor after working as a mine laborer at Bafokeng North Mine. Sello is a teacher at Moletsane Secondary School.

He has been an educator in the school since 1984 and teaches Geography and Setswana.

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As a writer, he has many writing credits including Tsa Maloba, a Folklore book.

Poetry books

  • Molalatladi
  • Diphororo
  • ThutoloreLegapu

Short storybooks

  • Molaetsa
  • Kgotla o mone and Le Aramele


  • Ntheetse
  • Matsapa di a tsaya kae
  • Mmelegi
  • Maemo a ka taga
  • Otla nkgopola
  • Motho ga a itsiwe
  • Motswedi
  • Lo ojwa le sa le metsi
  • Sesana.


  • Boitshoko bo tsala katlego
  • Tlisetso e tswala katlego (South Sotho)
  • Ke Molato wa ga mang


  • Lesedi (grade 10, Leaner, and Teacher)
  • Se nkgerise (grade 8 novel)
  • Lesedi reading books (grades 7, 8, and 9)
  • Tota (grade 4, 5, and 6)


Apart from his writing skills, he is talented and active in other fields. He was a marathon runner and was a registered member of Rand Athletics Club. He took part in many ultra marathons.

Sello is also a Deputy Soccer coach at school. He likes travels and has visited countries like Canada, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Spain.

He boasts of assisting other notable authors like Daniel Motaung, Doctor Lekeba, and the late Molefe Rammekwa.

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